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A sweet and sinful nun ♡

- Dissolve toggles (dress, top, collar, halo, veil) and toggles for her accessories (necklace, waist chains, chest & waist cloth, underwear, gloves)
- Jiggles where you would expect there to be! Uses Physbones!
- Custom body textures + various skin tones
- Custom modelled clothing
- PBR textures for all of her clothing
- Various hair colours
- Combination facial gestures! Mix n' match hand gestures to make a wide variety of expressions
- Separate DPS project included for those who own Raliv's package! Mouth, boobs, hands, thighs, butt & coochie orifices set up

Uses and does NOT come with:
- Poiyomi Toon 8.0.420
- VRChat 3.0 SDK
- Dynamic Penetration System
You will need to import these into your unity 2019.4.31 project prior to importing the avatar to avoid any errors. 

Rules and instructions:
Under any circumstance you must NOT use the assets on the avatar without having purchased them from the original creators whatsoever - the textures on everything have been edited as well as the items themselves sculpted to fit this base, so it will be very obvious if you have stolen them. You must NOT upload this avatar publicly or redistribute it and must be uploaded to only one account. You must NOT price-split to share the avatar. If you're purchasing it for a friend you must put their VRChat username in at the checkout. Failure to comply will lead to you being blacklisted. You MUST credit me if using the avatar for streaming, or any other content.

This project was made with Unity 2019.4.31, please use this version to avoid any issues! 
You will first need to import the latest VRChat SDK 3.0, as well as and Poiyomi Toon 8.0.385 into a new project. You can download the SDK from the VRChat website and Poiyomi Toon from Poiyomi's discord (link here). However, you will need to own Raliv's Dynamic Penetration System yourself as it isn't a free asset.

Next, import the avatar package in last and within the "Sororitas" folders open the scene titled "Sororitas". From there you just need to log into the VRChat SDK and voila! Select the avatar, make sure that the animator on the top of the Inspector has no controller in it, and that the blueprint ID is clear, and just hit upload! I have included a picture you might like to use for the avatar icon, but it's totally up to you

If you are using the DPS-enabled project, remember to import DPS before the avatar!

Locomotion: Locomotion by WetCat, AlcTrap, Dj Lukis.LT, INYO and Gireison
Base (edited & retextured do not reuse): Zin Fit Base by ZinPia
Panties & Thigh Highs: Included in Zin Fit Base by ZinPia
Face (edited & retextured do not reuse): by kri#1214
Shoes: Alita Platform Heels by Gashina (arm cuffs are also taken from the heels)
Chains: Creator Pack; Chains by Moobean
Hair: Hime Hair by eggyu#4097
Halo, veil, collar, top, dress, pasties, sleeves, chest & waist cloth, menu icons by me - DO NOT REUSE

If there are any issues or anything you need help with, feel free to DM me on Discord! 


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Sororitas - VRChat Avatar

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